Drowning in drafts

I have a lot of e-mail accounts that I use for various purposes. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, organization-specific, work-specific, job hunting-specific, hosted domains — I like to keep the various parts of my life separated. My primary account is a Yahoo account that I’ve had since I first got online in 1998. I’ve paid for a premium account since about 2001 so that I can use that account to reply from my various addresses from the same place, and so that I can keep an archive of all of my e-mails from all of those addresses that is accessible from anywhere. Currently, the Yahoo account holds over 65,000 e-mails, including 121 drafts that have never been finished or sent.

(I know that that looks like yet another serious hoarding problem, but it’s really only a minor hoarding example. Yes, it needs a good clean-out — there are probably only about 20,000 e-mails that must be kept — but I have frequently had to refer back to e-mails I sent or received several years ago so having a long-term archive in general is not an issue. Better an electronic archive than a printed one, which is what I used to do.)

The drafts are a little worrisome. Especially when I see that I’m rapidly building up a comparable drafts pile here on this blog. I have started but then not published over 60 posts here. Some may yet see the light of day — some I could have sworn I’d already published — but most, from last year, were about news articles or events that are no longer relevant. My goal for February 2009 (as a part of my dehoarding efforts) then is to go through those draft posts, delete the ones that are now pointless, and rescue the ones that can still have life breathed into them.

3 thoughts on “Drowning in drafts

  1. You could give some of your ideas away. Do a post on 50 great ideas for blog posts –that’ll get you tons of readers! Guaranteed

    • @XUP — Haha you’re assuming my ideas are actually worth something. You’ve read some of this blog, right? 😉 Seriously, though, I’ll definitely keep that in mind as I’m pruning through the drafts, and as I’m going ahead in the future. Doubt I’ll be able to come up with 50 but maybe 10 might be doable.

      @carma — Yeah, I came across a few of those as I was looking. Some I think end up being cathartic, like writing a nasty letter to someone that you know you’ll never send. 😉

  2. I can relate to this. Many drafts created that never make it to “publication.” I periodically read them over and then say to myself “what the heck was I thinking” before hitting delete.

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