Up-and-down day

It’s been a roller coaster of a day.

Down. Got a call about the job I’d interviewed for, saying that the job orders had all been cancelled due to a hiring freeze.

Up. Got an unexpected call from my Mom to cheer me up shortly after that.

Down. Got hit with a $42.50 NSF charge by my bank for a $0.50 overage. Let’s not forget there’s going to be an equal fee on the other end of the NSF that I’ll also have to pay for. All for fifty cents. What a good thing I make all that dough on EI. (Yes, it’s my fault for not paying attention but it doesn’t make it more fun or any less stupid an overcharge.)

Up. A friend is going to drive me to the bank to deposit the cash I have on hand tomorrow so that I can reissue the payment that bounced and pay for their NSF charge.

Down. I now have no money for anything until next week. Major downer.

Up. Got an unexpected and uplifting email from a former co-worker this afternoon.

Down. Carpal tunnel is acting up in right hand and I don’t have a brace for it.

Up. Got a heads-up about a volunteer webmaster gig. Change is as good as a rest so it might be a nice to keep busy doing something a little different from my usual webmastering stuff. I think I’m probably insane, but it’s a good insane.

Let. me. off.


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