Losing track of things

Just realized after looking at my pile of drafts that I hadn’t actually hit “Publish” for my February 4 post. Better late than never so I published it now, with the right date. Not that it is anything brilliant that you’d be sorry you missed, mind you. 😉

Unlike February 4, February 5 was actually quite nice. The bank teller reversed the NSF charge and the fee at the other end turned out to be only $20. It was a beautiful day. Got calls from a couple of agents. Took on the webmastering gig (hence the Joomla post from Friday).

Got a call on Thursday that those cancelled job orders are going to be restarted. Has to be the shortest hiring freeze on record. LOL Also got a call about another short-term contract. I’d be more excited except that they never seem to actually lead to an actual job.

Took a break from Joomla yesterday and today, but will have to get stuck back into it tomorrow. Having trouble getting to sleep before 5am and then people keep phoning me and waking me up at 11 or 12. Would like to try to turn that around tonight by actually going to bed before midnight.