Cookies from strangers

I have my browser set to prompt me to accept or reject cookies for every new site that I visit. Most times I reject all cookies for a site, unless I actually need them to view the content and really want to access that content, e.g. online banking, e-mail, membership sites.

Most sites don’t really require cookies for the site to actually function, they just use them for tracking purposes or for managing logged in sessions. Most still allow you to view the information on the site, even with cookies disabled. Some, though, try to force unnecessary cookies on you in order to view any of the content on the site. That annoys me.

Last night I was trying to browse some interesting-looking blogs that were featured on the home page and discovered that domain-mapped WordPress blogs (i.e. blogs that are hosted at but use their own domain names) are completely unviewable if you are logged into your account but don’t accept cookies for the domain you’re trying to visit. What it is apparently trying to do is load the blue account panel at the top of the page but can’t if the cookie is rejected. So what it ends up doing instead is getting caught in a loop, trying to load and reload remote-login.php?login=sessioncode on the domain.

According to the WordPress support forums, WordPress is aware of the problem but has no plans to fix it. So, in the end, if you encounter that problem yourself and really want to view the site in question, you’ll have to accept cookies for that site. Me, I haven’t yet hit a domain-mapped WordPress blog whose content I want to see badly enough to overwhelm my intense annoyance about the cookie requirements. Your mileage may vary.


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