Essential computer books

Found these gems while I was cleaning out two of my bookcases in preparation for the second  stage of hoarder reformation:

  • Everything You Wanted to Know About the Mac, Second Edition — Unless it has to do with OS X. Or OS 9. Or OS 8, for that matter. Of course it was written in 1993 so that might explain it. 😉
    Everything you wanted to know about the Mac front cover Everything you wanted to know about the Mac back cover
  • Macworld’s Mac and Power Mac Secrets — 1994. Comes with a floppy diskette of awesome utilities….of course, you need a floppy drive and those haven’t been standard on a Mac since before the first iMacs. Details, details. If this book (or the one above it) is up your alley, I have a Mac IIsi in my closet that you might like.
    Mac Secrets front cover Mac Secrets back cover
  • Idiot’s Guide to the Internet — 1994. Everything you need to know about the key Internet stuff. You know, like UNIX shell commands, Telnet, Archie, WAIS, and FTP. (The World Wide Web and HTTP only warrant an 11-page afterthought at the end of the book.) Comes with a “SuperHighway Access Sampler” floppy diskette.
    Idiot's Guide to the Internet front cover Idiot's Guide to the Internet back cover
  • The World Wide Web Complete Reference — 1996. A third of the book is devoted to listing “nearly a thousand businesses that have established a presence on the World Wide Web”. Wow. A whole thousand. Surely you need look no further.
    World Wide Web Complete Reference World Wide Web Complete Reference back cover
  • Great American Websites — From 1997. Ah, for the days when you could put a Web directory in a book instead of actually, you know, on the Web. Notable because almost all of the links in book are subsections of larger sites, rather than separate domains.So very 90s, back when Network Solutions had a monopoly on domain registrations and the .com of your dreams would cost you $35 US a year.
    Great American Websites Great American Websites back cover

Think I could get anything for them on eBay? No? Not even as collector’s items?