Well, there’s another Idol I won’t watch

Watched American Idol tonight as they picked the final 32.

I’m ever hopeful that I’ll be excited by a season of the show again, but the last time I watched with any interest was Season 4. (Go Constantine Maroulis!) This season looks to be shaping up to be more of a farce than usual. Keeping Nick/Norman (not just keeping but strongly encouraging him to stay in his alter ego), the Most Incredibly Annoying Woman on the Planet (otherwise known as Tatiana Del Toro), and the headband-addicted cryer (aka Nathaniel Marshall) while letting more talented singers go says everything about what the coming season has in store.

If watching a train wreck is your kind of entertainment, then you’ll no doubt be glued to your TVs. Me? I’ll be giving it a miss again this year — I’ve lost enough hours of my life to the auditions. There are a few singers I’d like to see again but not enough to weather the Annoying Three to see them. Tell me when all three are gone and maybe I’ll look in. 😉