Well, there’s another Idol I won’t watch

Watched American Idol tonight as they picked the final 32.

I’m ever hopeful that I’ll be excited by a season of the show again, but the last time I watched with any interest was Season 4. (Go Constantine Maroulis!) This season looks to be shaping up to be more of a farce than usual. Keeping Nick/Norman (not just keeping but strongly encouraging him to stay in his alter ego), the Most Incredibly Annoying Woman on the Planet (otherwise known as Tatiana Del Toro), and the headband-addicted cryer (aka Nathaniel Marshall) while letting more talented singers go says everything about what the coming season has in store.

If watching a train wreck is your kind of entertainment, then you’ll no doubt be glued to your TVs. Me? I’ll be giving it a miss again this year — I’ve lost enough hours of my life to the auditions. There are a few singers I’d like to see again but not enough to weather the Annoying Three to see them. Tell me when all three are gone and maybe I’ll look in. 😉


3 thoughts on “Well, there’s another Idol I won’t watch

  1. YES! My daughter loves this show so I’ve been watching the auditions with her. You know they just let Nick/Norman and Tatiana through to boost their ratings, right? It’s not about singing talent anymore, it’s about making it the biggest freak-show possible. I cannot believe they let that one guy go — I don’t know his name, the one who was best friends with that guy with the glasses whose wife died? He was good. Tatiana? Please. I almost believe she’s a shill – someone hired to spice up things a bit. I have better things to do with my evenings, too.

  2. You could tell everyone was shocked by that guy not going on, especially with some of the ones who were through to the top 32. You know that some of the ones waiting who thought they were shoe-ins were suddenly going “Oh, shit!” when they realized that singing talent was irrelevent.

    They’re being more blatant about the freak show this year. It’s like they’ve given up all pretense of subtlety. And the whole judges’ mansion thing is taken (incompletely and poorly, I might add) from the UK’s Pop Idol. Makes me think of Rockstar: INXS. If you watched that, you know they’d clearly already decided very early on (perhaps even before the show began airing) that JD Fortune was the guy they wanted. I stopped watching it because it became obvious that there was no point. I get that same feeling here.

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