Family Day

Was surprised to see no A Channel Morning on this morning. Was it cancelled? No, just off the air for Family Day, a new holiday I’ve never gotten to enjoy — federal government employees don’t get the pleasure so I had to work it last year and this year, well, every day is a holiday when you’re unemployed. (Cue the party music. Or is that a dirge?) It coincides nicely with Presidents Day in the US, making for an odd holiday air on TV today.

Good thing I noticed that — I don’t normally watch A Channel. I was planning to go out to get some groceries today but I see now that the mall is closed. Lovely. Serves me right. I should have gone on the weekend. I ran out of Reactine on Thursday or Friday and I could scratch my skin off, it’s so itchy. But, again, that’s my own fault for not going out when I should have.


The Me Project 2.0: reboot

Other than slowly working on stage 2 of the decluttering/dehoarding, I’ve entirely lost track of the Me Project. I’ve forgotten to take my supplements (meaning any inroads I was making on the Koilonychia, are gone), I’ve bitten all my nails (and fingers, which hurt), my sleep pattern is completely messed up. In short, I’m right back where I started.

Well, almost right back. I’ve lost about 7 pounds since the start a few months ago, which at least is a downward trend. And I’ve actually christened my five-year-old oven. But it still doesn’t make up for all of the ground that I’ve lost. Part of it seems to be a side effect of the situation I mentioned in my previous post, but most of it is just the usual backsliding, years of bad habits and emotional crutches resisting a new world order.

So, time for a reboot, a “do over”, with a pledge to myself to write an update at least once a week — failing to keep up with the blogging last time meant less “public” accountability and an easier slope to slide down. So, while today would technically be day 93 in old counting (aka the Me Project 1.0), it’s now going to be a new day 1. The Pizza Gods seem to approve, since they’ve been ensuring that I haven’t been able to successfully order pizza for the last couple of days, long enough for me to come to my senses. 😉