Family Day

Was surprised to see no A Channel Morning on this morning. Was it cancelled? No, just off the air for Family Day, a new holiday I’ve never gotten to enjoy — federal government employees don’t get the pleasure so I had to work it last year and this year, well, every day is a holiday when you’re unemployed. (Cue the party music. Or is that a dirge?) It coincides nicely with Presidents Day in the US, making for an odd holiday air on TV today.

Good thing I noticed that — I don’t normally watch A Channel. I was planning to go out to get some groceries today but I see now that the mall is closed. Lovely. Serves me right. I should have gone on the weekend. I ran out of Reactine on Thursday or Friday and I could scratch my skin off, it’s so itchy. But, again, that’s my own fault for not going out when I should have.

4 thoughts on “Family Day

  1. Stupid Family Day. Most of Ottawa has to work anyway. Have you got some oatmeal? Make a nice oatmeal bath to relieve your itchy skin — not too hot though. How did you get unemployed if you were a federal government employee? This is incredible. I didn’t think it was possible. Should I be worried?

  2. As a fellow Fed, I’m using up one of my few remaining leave days to look after the 2 rugrats… who are doing their part by being funnier than usual on this day. I’m watching my 22 month old persistently try to sit upside down on his chair… taking a tumble every time. What a hoot! I’m glad I have taken this day off. My 5 year old is putting her hands over her ears during the scary parts of Horton Hears a Who (Never knew there were scary parts).
    Tried to get them outside, but inertia has set in.
    Re: store closures… uh, I did the same thing… have some guests dropping by for lunch and I thought I’d just step out and grab a few things… yeah, right.

  3. XUP – I was a term employee and, well, they decided I was extraneous a couple of months before they would have had to make me a perm. What a coinkidink, eh? No, I don’t have any oatmeal and I’m really not sure it would be much of a help — it’s a histamine reaction that’s primarily affecting my face, inner ears, and back of throat, and an oatmeal bath isn’t really going to be much help there, especially when I’m allergic to things that I can’t or don’t want to get away from, like my cat. 😉

    trashee – Glad I’m not alone in the store thing. Even the neighbourhood convenience store is closed for the holiday. 😦

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