Happy Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday (or Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras) is the day before Ash Wednesday, which marks the first day of Lent. For many of us, it’s better known as Pancake Day, a day to pig out on pancakes and syrup.

I almost always forget about Pancake Day until it’s too late. When I was living at home, my mother would make a big pancake supper. When we were older and no longer living at home, we would usually get together at Smitty‘s for pancakes and omelettes. And when I first moved up here to Ottawa, work colleagues and I would head to the pancake house that used to be at the corner of St. Laurent and Industrial (it later became a Hooters — I don’t remember what it is now). On my own, I usually go for Eggos instead of pancakes because I don’t own a frying pan and I like waffles better than pancakes, but the intent is the same. I haven’t had Eggos in years so there are yummy times ahead today. 😀

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