RIP Wendy Richard

My parents and I don’t have the same taste in television shows except for a shared fondness for British comedies. One of my and their favourites of all time is Are You Being Served? Mr. Humphries “I’m free!”, Mrs. Slocombe’s pussy. Love them all.

I was sad to learn this morning that Wendy Richards, Miss Brahms in AYBS, passed away yesterday from breast cancer that had metastisized to other organs. Very sad, but she left a huge legacy of comedy and dramatic acting for which she will always be remembered.


5 thoughts on “RIP Wendy Richard

  1. I love British comedies, too. Except Benny HIll — I never quite got that one. AYBS was soooo camp. Ta-ta Wendy. My faves? Hamish MacBeth, Vicar of Dibley, Father Ted and that Irish one about a priest the name of which I can never remember.

  2. Love the Vicar of Dibley — did you see the Red Nose Day special they did where they did a Wife Swap with Sting and his wife? It was hilarious. Father Ted is responsible for “feck” appearing in my permanent vocabulary. I think the other one you’re thinking of was “Bless Me Father”, with the old Irish priest and his young curate?

  3. No, it was a tall young priest. I can’t remember and I can’t find it by Googling all sorts of stuff. But I did remember another show I loved — Heartbeat. I’ll keep searching.

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