America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12

Wasn’t ANTM just on?

Seems like we’re being drowned by reality TV these days. Usually they wait until the summer to save us from rerun Hell but right now we have Survivor, The Amazing Race, Project Runway Canada, Celebrity Apprentice, and now America’s Next Top Model. There must surely be a Big Brother lurking around the corner.

I couldn’t stop myself. I had to watch it. Tonight, the show aired at the same time here as it did in the US. Last time, A Channel stopped doing that part way through the cycle and switched it to Thursdays, which is about when I lost interest — no fun taking part in a live online chat if you aren’t actually watching it at the same time.

Tonight’s online chat with Erin was, as always, fun. We’ve decided that Cycle 14 should be Jesus Christ Supermodel.

Questions related to this episode from Top Model Gossip:

Is London’s street preacher gimmick for real or a cry to get attention?

The Christian part of it is probably for real but she’s amping it up to get noticed. She’s a poor street preacher if her performance in front of Tyra for the first time was a sample.

Did Sandra’s bitchiness turn you off?

It turned me off her, but you know she’ll be there for awhile because they need the friction she causes…and because Jesus clearly doesn’t love me.

Should Angelea made into the house? If so, instead of who?

I really didn’t see enough of her to have an opinion either way. Having both her and Sandra in the house would have been loads of bitchy fun, though. I loved Sandra’s bitchy bumping into Angelea when the 13 girls were picked to move into the house. The Dark Side truly was with her. 😉

Has your opinion of anyone changed because of this first episode?

I didn’t have any opinions before because I didn’t even know the show was back on until today.

What did you think of McKey’s Cover Girl commercial?

Haven’t gotten to see it yet.

What did you think of the photo shoot theme?

Lame. The little girls playing theme was a little creepy, like adult women dressing up as children for porn sites. Very oogy. The bad girl extras did pretty good jobs, though, better than the model hopefuls in some cases.


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