The good news fairy takes another smoke break

That job that was supposed to start in mid-March now isn’t going to start until the end of March. Given the comedy of errors that it has been so far, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, in two weeks, I find out that it will be mid-April or later before the damned thing starts. However much I would like to work there again, I can’t afford to be strung along much longer. I know they really want me back, but they don’t seem to be considering that I actually have bills to pay and I can’t hold myself available indefinitely for a job that is feeling more and more ephemeral as the days go by.

So, I’ve avoided telling any of the other agencies that I’m off the market. And I’ve started actually actively looking at job postings again. Got a call this afternoon from another agency about another contract position and I told her to go ahead and send me the details.


8 thoughts on “The good news fairy takes another smoke break

  1. I suppose this is a government job you’re waiting for? They do this ALL the time. We strung a fresh-out-of-university recruit along for one year and two months. She’d moved to Ottawa when we first offered her the position and everything. It’s inhuman. Fortunately she had a boyfriend to pay the bills for all that time. We’ve had summer students who didn’t get their first paycheque until October. The wheels grind so damn slowly it’s absurd. I would definitely not take my self off the market until you have a pay cheque in your hand

  2. as xup says, its not a very cool way to treat a potential employee and it makes you wonder how well they treat people that work thee, no?

    1. I’d like to say I had a really good excuse, but I don’t. I just slept in and then completely forgot about it. I remembered at about 3:30 when I was talking to a friend on the phone. Then *I* felt sad. 😦

      I promise that I will be there next time.

  3. Boy, that’s the worst excuse ever. You could have at least made up something melodramatic so that we don’t feel quite so trivial and insignificant in your life

  4. I promise I will be at the next one. Cross my heart. I’ll even give you my phone number so you can call and nag me hunt me down remind me. 😀

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