Obesity and flying

Airlines to accommodate obese (November 21, 2008)

Disabled travellers — including the morbidly obese — must be given an extra free seat on domestic flights as of Jan. 10 after the Supreme Court of Canada refused Thursday to hear an appeal by the country’s biggest airlines.

I’d started to post about this back in November when the news first broke. Coming as it did only a few months after my parents forked out well over $1000 to fly me home to Halifax for a weekend family gathering, I was both elated at the news and a little annoyed that it hadn’t come earlier. I wanted to research the idea a little more before commenting on it — it was such a new development that airlines hadn’t quite figured out how they were going to deal with it (what kind of proof  will be required, etc) — so the post languished in my Drafts folder. Continue reading “Obesity and flying”