The down side to anonymity

I’d considered before what would happen if someone I know in Real Life attended one of the  Ottawa blogger breakfasts, too, but that seemed to be an outside chance. Now I realize that it not only has an outside chance, it’s a dead certainty.

And that leads to my conundrum. If I attend one of these breakfasts, I either have to be answerable to my real name or I have to ask people that I might know to pretend they don’t know me. One exposes who I am (defeating the purpose of having a semi-anonymous blog) and the other is just plain weird. So, the only real option I seem to have is to just not go. Or restart my old, non-anonymous personal blog so that I can actually attend as myself.


One thought on “The down side to anonymity

  1. Huh? There is a mix of people at these breakfasts. We don’t use our real names – even the people we already know from somewhere else use our blog names at the breakfasts. Our name tags have our blog names. People can take photos if they really want to, but we ask them not to post them on the internet. We also don’t post the location and time of the breakfasts, so that only people with legitimate local blogs are invited to attend. A lot of bloggers really value the privacy of their personal lives and we all respect that. Does that help?

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