In the blink of an eye

A few years ago, a blog I read occasionally suddenly began documenting the unexpected illness and tragic death of the blogger’s young wife. It was a heartbreaking glimpse into the kind of earth shattering changes your life can undergo in the span of moments.

You rarely hear about that kind of event in the lives of the ordinary Joe, probably for the best.  Celebrities, unfortunately, live them out in full view of everyone, for better or for worse.

I was sad to learn this morning that one of my favourite actresses, Natasha Richardson, was injured yesterday in a fall during a ski lesson at Mont Tremblant. Speculation had already started by early this morning that she was brain dead, and it seems everyone has theories as to how it happened and where to place blame.

Confirmation of her death came only within the last hour or so.

RIP Natasha, my thoughts are with your family. I hope the press gives them the privacy they need to grieve.