People quick off the mark

I was at Billings Bridge today and was surprised to see that People magazine had already published an issue featuring the death of Natasha Richardson. Holy crap! She was only officially declared dead on Wednesday. That’s some pretty fast magazine tweaking, even for them. Can  you picture the madhouse their offices were as they scrambled to change things around to include that story?


2 thoughts on “People quick off the mark

  1. My Wife & I were just talking about that too –

    Having written for a publication – the ‘lead time’ was months

    Them getting that done, and out the door in that time frame is definably a lot of both work and co-ordination.

    I can only assume that they have pre-done “stop the press” processes in place for that type of tragic event.

  2. Given that People is a weekly magazine that is usually quite current with regards to events, I suspect their standard lead time is not measured in months but in very small numbers of weeks — even for non-emergency stories, they are usually quite quick. And, yes, I imagine that they have a “stop the press” process in place to late-breaking stories like that. Still, two days seems really quick, even for them, to get the updated issue fully into production, printed, and shipped to us here. (I would love to spend a couple of weeks as an intern there just soaking in the ordered chaos, though I’m not sure I’d like to actually work there.)

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