Good News Fairy on Nicoderm?

I was going to write about how I’d feared that the Good News Fairy had been laid off. (The economy affects everyone, it seems. I’ve heard rumours that the Tooth Fairy has started leaving dental hygiene literature for the kiddies instead of cold, hard cash. Tsk, tsk. Times, they is hard. )

Today, I learned she was just out buying a patch so that she wouldn’t have to keep going out for a smoke when I needed her most. Good on ya, doll. 

The grey area surrounding how EI was going to treat my pension transfer value has finally been resolved, and the news is indeed good. So, I’ll be able to pay my taxes. (Darned self-employment.) And I appear to not owe nearly as much for taxes as I thought I would. So, there’s something left over to pay my bills while I resume job hunting — the job that was supposed to start at the end of the month now may or may not start in mid-April instead, and I no longer have faith that it will materialize in time to be of any use to me. Started actively applying for other jobs today, and things seemed to start shifting into gear in my head after that. (It’s called “getting out of a rut”.)

The Joomla site that I was working on is finished, just ongoing maintenance tweaking and additional content to add over the coming weeks/months. (That’s why I haven’t posted in the last couple of days — been working around the clock, literally, to launch the new site. It was received well, which helps my mood.) I’ve also started to clear some other things that have fallen by the wayside recently. And I get my hair done tomorrow, something that usually makes me feel slightly less old and haggard.