Brave new frontiers

It’s 4:30am. Still sleepless. Took some garbage to the garbage shute and decided to give B a taste of freedom (without having to worry about the elevator door opening and him disappearing off into the scary, big world). We walked one way — he kept checking to make sure I was still there. Then we went back the other way, past the apartment door a few feet. I think the whole thing was a little overwhelming to him and he hissed softly every now and then.

Frontiers are scary places, Boo.


One thought on “Brave new frontiers

  1. I let mine run around in the hallway every morning for 10 minutes while I’m gettnig myself together to leave for work. That’s just after 6:00, so there’s only one other woman down the hall who leaves for work then. Bazel waits by her door each morning for her to emerge. When she does, he of course, runs back to his own door and watches her in safety. Then he’s ready to come back in and by then I’m ready to leave. He’s very disappointed when she doesn’t go to work sometimes. He paces and murmers and refuses to leave the hallway. It’s very inconsiderate when people don’t stick to their schedules, don’t you think?

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