I believe in you, God

I was feeling a little sad this morning. My Google home page looked the same as it always does. Every other site I went to looked the way they normally do. Iit was all very tragic.

Then I visited my Youtube page.

April Fool's from Youtube

And, look there, Wikipedia’s main page looks a little…odd. (Note to self: always check Wikipedia first — they’re always on the ball.)

Then I saw some of the others:

Thank you for remembering us today. I r happy now.

♥ ♥ ♥


2 thoughts on “I believe in you, God

  1. If I’d known you were a sucker for some foolin’, I would have arranged a big hilarious gag for you, the likes of which Candid Camera would never have dared air.

  2. Haha funny you should mention that. I was just telling my mother how much I love the various online April Fool’s pranks but that I absolutely hate it (in fact, I have little sense of humour for it) when someone pranks me specifically, in person or virtually. So it’s a good thing you didn’t know. 😉

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