Getting the Google runaround

Sometime in the last week, I had occasion to come across the Orkut account that I’d set up several years ago (in the early days of Orkut, when Orkut was invitation only). So I try to access it today to see what’s going on there and I can’t log in with the primary e-mail address associated with the account. Thinking that I must be mistyping the password, I try to request a password reset but it tells me there’s no Google account associated with the e-mail address.

Eventually, I resort to filling in the “I can’t access my account” form since I don’t want to create a new account. Google support sends me a reply saying that I haven’t given them sufficient information to prove that I’m me so they can’t return my account to me but that I should fill in another form if I have additional information to prove my claim. Of course the fact that they don’t actually give you any comment-type fields in which to give additional information seems to escape them.


That’s when I realized that I must have been automatically logged into Orkut the first time I looked at the profile (my cookies were inadvertently cleared by a friend who used my netbook on the weekend). That’s when I clued in and realized which Google account must be associated with the Orkut account. (Yeah, I know, it took awhile.)

So, Google, thanks ever so much for the complete lack of anything resembling help. But I managed to sort it all out anyway.

(As an aside, Orkut is a pain in the ass — if you’re logged into either a Gmail account or a Google account already that doesn’t already have an Orkut account associated with it, Orkut will insist on trying to sign you up for a new Orkut account rather than letting you log into the account you want to log into. The only way you can try to log into the account you want is to log out of the Gmail and/or Google accounts you’re logged into already. Actually, I suppose that means that Google-the-mega-application is a pain in the ass since they do similar things with Youtube and other applications. Kind of the same way Yahoo gives you the runaround when you’re trying to set up or access a Flickr account. Bastards.)

(As another aside, I seem to be experiencing a comedy of errors today. Tried to do some automated updates on some installed software on my hosted sites today — updates that should have taken 5 to 10 minutes — but nothing happened. No matter what I tried. So I filed a support request with my hosting company. Within about 1/2 hour of that, all of the update requests went through en masse, completely messing up at least one of the installations, which I now have to manually fix. And I ordered some Pizza Pizza stuffed sandwiches tonight — the Pizza Pizza site made a mistake that the actual PP customer service guy caught and he called me to correct it. )