I created a monster

Letting my cat out to wander the hallways last week was a huge mistake. HUGE.

He now thinks he should be let out on demand, which is ALL the time. He used to do that years ago but I out-stubborned him on it and he gave up. Now I’ve gone and ruined everything.

I’ve had to barricade the bottom of the door — he’s already taken a piece out of it trying to claw the door open — but I don’t have anything that would block the entire door. So now he sits on the barricade, crying to be let out and trying to peel away the side of the door.


So the battle begins again.


3 thoughts on “I created a monster

  1. They will forget about it after a while. I believe their memory bank holds about a week’s worth of remembering. Mine finally forgot about the jelly bracelets.

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