Mad World

I usually stop watching American Idol when the auditions are done. I find the early weeks of the actual competition dull. Sometimes I start watching again when it’s down to the top 10 or so, if someone I liked in the auditions is still in the game. XUP’s mention of Adam Lambert singing “Mad World” on the April 7th show resparked my interest. (He’s been one of my faves since he auditioned with Bohemian Rhapsody — and parts of the snippet of Cher’s “Believe” that he sung during the Hollywood auditions were just chilling.) 

Mad World” one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s not a happyhappy song in the first place, but Adam’s performance of it — both live and in the full studio version — is incredibly sad, more haunting, for some reason, than even the Gary Jules‘ cover, on which Adam’s was based. Very much the kind of music you listen to when it’s rainy or foggy or you’re in “one of those moods”.

Even though you probably shouldn’t.


2 thoughts on “Mad World

  1. He’s got a very unusual voice – so high for a man and yet so powerful. And so much range. I don’t see how anyone else can even beat him. I guess the rest of them are just in it now for the 2nd and 3rd place. His Mad World really was stunning. For 2nd place I think I’d pick the red-haired chick and then Danny for 3rd.

  2. I agree — I think it’s his to lose. I hadn’t really thought about third place but I was thinking Adam and Allison for first and second.

    You know, I just realized who Adam reminds me of (his face, not his voice). Julian Clary.

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