Hello, Kitty!

I’ve long loved the out-of-print, illegally-created Hello Tarot, a tarot deck featuring Hello Kitty images.

hello_kitty_vibeImagine my surprise to find that Sanrio, while steadfastly refusing to officially allow the tarot deck to be released, permitted Hello Kitty vibrators — I mean, “shoulder massagers” —  to be manufactured for years, even rereleasing it after they knew what they were being used for.

Really, what more needs to be said?


It’s only words

Though it pains me sometimes to admit it, I’m not perfect. Especially not when it comes to the grammar and word choices that I  make in my personal writing. And I don’t expect most people to be perfect, either. I have a couple of friends, for example, who have a tendency to make malapropisms when speaking and writing — you learn to translate them on the fly and get on with your life.

This is not a mobius strip.However, it really annoys me when people who should know better — authors, professors, etc. — make poor word choices. (I think I’ve whinged about that before.) I watched “Nostradamus 2012” a couple of weekends ago and found I couldn’t concentrate for author Jay Weidner‘s repeated mistakes. “Modern science owes its entire allegiance to alchemy.” Allegiance? WTF? And he kept calling drawings from the Lost Book of Nostradamus like the image to the right here möbius strips when they clearly aren’t.

To quote the great swordsman Inigo Montoya: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Come on, you want your theories to be taken seriously? Start using the correct terms.