I’m pooped

This working thing is hard.

I mean, I have to actually get dressed. No sitting around barefoot in my jimjams with my cat on my lap all day.

And they expect me to stay awake all day. No napping, power or otherwise. Have you ever heard such a thing? It’s barbaric. (Is 5-Hour Energy addictive? Have there been long term studies? Will my eyeballs grow hair if I exceed the recommended weekly limit?)

And the walking. Oh, the walking. To the bus. From the bus. To the elevator. From the elevator. It’s all very exhausting. So exhausting that I just couldn’t drag my hands up to the keyboard to blog when I came home at the end of the day. It’s all just horribly wrong. (Did you even notice I was gone?)

I need the long weekend to recover and build up energy to attack next week. *shiver*