Basement Cat strikes again

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I found this image macro particularly funny because (a) I’ve been watching the Nostradamus Effect episode “The Third Anti-Christ?” today and (b) Basement Cat has been meddling in work issues again.

(As an aside, that’s a stunningly beautiful black cat.)

(As another aside, watching and reading about Nostradamus drives me about as nuts as books/shows about the 2012/Mayan calendar thing so, but I still do it. Clearly, I like being crazy.)


A long weekend wasted…

…is a long weekend enjoyed.

Got very little accomplished, but watched loads of old Brady Bunch and Family Affair episodes courtesy of RetroTeeVee at Youtube. (Just load the playlist you want and you’re golden for hours.)

Family Affair in particular was a favourite show when I was a kid. I loved Mr. French. We lived in and around Sidney, BC, in the early 70s and one house we lived in was down the road from where Sebastian Cabot lived. That was more exciting than pretty much anything I could imagine at the time. Weird to think that most of the episodes I saw were probably already in reruns by the time I saw them originally.