Shall I or shan’t I

So, I’m aimlessly browsing through friends of friends on Facebook, looking for anyone I might know or have an interest in connecting with. Two very small and unexpected degrees of separation later and I”m faced with a slew of people I’ve only met in this persona.

Should I friend or shouldn’t I? Should I blur the lines between my worlds? Next thing you know, I’ll be following them on Twi…oh, wait…

Oh. My. God. Should Facebook really be this nerve wracking? Will they accept my request or won’t they? (Hey, one of my nieces didn’t so who could blame you.) Can I avoid taking the rejection personally? (Clearly you haven’t been reading this blog if you think the answer is “Yes.”) Will they think I’m a complete nutjob? (Well, hey, if the blog fits…). Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Decisions, decisions.

In the end, I pretended I was bold.

So, if you got a friend request from me and want to say “Hell, no!” to it, don’t worry — I’ll stop crying eventually. 😉


3 thoughts on “Shall I or shan’t I

  1. You need to leave a little message with your friend requests since not everyone will immediately know who you are — especially not people who only know you from here. I very cleverly figured it out right after I said to myself “who the hell is ****** ******????

  2. Well, I did say I was “louise” in my note to you. I figured that with the promise to come to the Bloggers Breakfast would be enough clues. LOL (Poor Mayo — my note to him was probably more cryptic, though I hope he doesn’t have too many people building him goo pods.)

    Of course, I realize in hindsight that I probably should have actually mentioned this blog address in the notes. Don’t know why I didn’t — blame it on stressing out. Thanks for the accept. 😀

  3. Hi Louise… got your link for the bloggers breakfast so i decided to look around a little bit…

    I wonder… aren’t we giving facebook too much importance? Does it really matters if anyone accepts you or not? Or removes you or not from his/her list?

    How bad is it? Really…

    Have a good day, I hope your headache is over!

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