My head hurts

Have been thinking about looking now for a new contract to pick up when the current one ends in a few weeks. Thought that by starting early I could prepare myself and ease into things a little slowly; didn’t expect to find myself swamped with stuff to do now just for the possibility of a job further down the road. Weird little universe, innit. You put yourself out there and damned if it doesn’t take you up on the offer.

Have been struggling to tweak my resume and detail how I fit the RFS requirements for one job, digging back through 20+ years of experience to try to wring out the last sad bits of proof that I can do a job that I know I can do in my sleep (and in less time than they think it will take). And I’m starting to think I’m not going to be able to scrape together enough. I hate RFPs and now I hate RFSes, too.

Have also been trying to copyedit some sample pages for a freelance job opportunity — it was supposed to be straight up proofreading but turned out to be a full copyedit instead. Not sure I have the time or energy to do a full copyedit on a 200-page manuscript in two weeks, especially now that I’ve seen how much work the book needs. Proofreading would have been easy peasey; copyediting, not so much.

And there’s a job that I’d really enjoy for which I have to rebuild my current very-targeted resume into a completely different very-targeted resume. Time’s running out to apply for it, if it hasn’t already. How badly do I want it?

Tonight, though, I have a massive headache, part of it left over from being sick this past weekend and part of it the happyhappyjoyjoy of a minor eye infection. Sitting in front of the computer doing any of the above is the last thing I want to do. So tonight I think I’m going to defer.