Operation Waltzing Matilda kicks off

The  Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin left Fremantle harbour (Western Australia) just minutes ago. The vessel is bound for the Antarctic for another season of battling Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. (And, of course, another season of filming of Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars“.)

Operation Waltzing Matilda should keep them busy down there for several months. This year, the trimaran formerly known as Earthrace (now christened Ady Gil) will be joining the Steve Irwin in the battle. Should make for good TV, if nothing else.

I wish them luck and good hunting.

Vessel and Animal Planet camera crew aboard the Steve Irwin about 45 minutes prior to departure from Fremantle on December 7, 2009

Steve Irwin leaving Fremantle at 10:18 December 7, 2009

Steve Irwin leaving the mouth of Fremantle harbour at 10:25 December 7, 2009

(Images captured from the Fremantle Ports Inner Harbour webcams.)


One thought on “Operation Waltzing Matilda kicks off

  1. Go get those bastards!! The crew should all be recognised- it is a very dangerous job but it shows just how determined these guys are to make a difference and still carry out Steves dream.

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