Purring dogs

I met an absolutely sweet little dog in the elevator today.

The impeccably groomed 7-year-old Shih Tzu and her 3-year-old daughter were kitted out in matching plaid coats and were just coming in from their morning constitutional. The daughter would have nothing to do with me, but the mother was very friendly, in a genteel sort of way, an elegant canine ambassador.

And she purred.

I know. Dogs supposedly don’t purr — other animals besides cats do, but dogs aren’t supposed to. But this dog did…and a quick Google search on “do dogs purr” will show you comments from a number of people who are acquainted with purring dogs.

Do you know a purring dog?


One thought on “Purring dogs

  1. I’m not generally a big fan of Shih Tzu’s, but there is one in my neighbourhood that seems clever. He’s never purred though. Nice to see you back.

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