Unavailability fail?

This is the National Film Board telling me that the film I was watching was not available…while I was watching it.

NFB Fail


3 thoughts on “Unavailability fail?

  1. Here’s a novel idea… Next time you run into a bug on a website, how about notifying the webmasters first, before shouting to the world that they are full of fail… You may be surprised of the results!

    • Wow, that’s a pretty cranky response. Are you the NFB webmaster?

      Come on, as Web site bugs go, it’s pretty funny. And remarking that this particular error was a fail isn’t saying that the entire site or organization is “full of fail”. (You do understand what the fail here was, right? That the “unavailable” error message appeared over the video as the video actually played completely?) Hey, at least I didn’t upload it to FailBlog.org.

      You are right, though. I should have reported it to them, though it wouldn’t have prevented me from posting it here, too.

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