Is the Universe conspiring against me?

I can’t seem to place an online order to save my life these past two weeks. Orders that normally would have been shipped within 48 hours sit for a week with no update and no shipping before I finally contact the companies and cancel the orders. And others are cancelled by the supplier because they discover too late that the item is out of stock and unobtainable. I got a new computer for my birthday (very early) and we couldn’t place the order online for either love or money.

I’ve never had such a hard time trying to spend money before and I have to wonder if Someone isn’t trying to tell me something.

“Stop shopping!”, perhaps.


One thought on “Is the Universe conspiring against me?

  1. Kyle From Silverton

    Will any positive spirits please hear my cry:

    It’s not just you but it’s a personality type some people posses to attract what they don’t want:

    I have had life try to gang against me in an sometimes overloading way but I believe in God and let all my problems land on him to guide me thru the way out so I won’t *encourage* the same ol crap in my life and acting like a hypocrite to keep the peace until I can’t take it anymore and blow up over small issues.

    God helps me figure out what I need to do to change myself and it’s up to me to give into those common excuses or do something about it.

    Many days I feel overwhelmed and it causes me to be critical of others and have a short fuse making me want to lash violently on people.

    I have social issues which I was diagonsed with since young and my parents just tolerate it but I do not have anybody that really understands me. Hell. I do not even understand me more then half the time.

    I mostly attract people who believe that technology replaces spirituality or spirituality replaces technology and I believe both views are wrong and we need to find a middle ground but I do not have any answers.

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