Basement Cat strikes again

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I found this image macro particularly funny because (a) I’ve been watching the Nostradamus Effect episode “The Third Anti-Christ?” today and (b) Basement Cat has been meddling in work issues again.

(As an aside, that’s a stunningly beautiful black cat.)

(As another aside, watching and reading about Nostradamus drives me about as nuts as books/shows about the 2012/Mayan calendar thing so, but I still do it. Clearly, I like being crazy.)


I believe in you, God

I was feeling a little sad this morning. My Google home page looked the same as it always does. Every other site I went to looked the way they normally do. Iit was all very tragic.

Then I visited my Youtube page.

April Fool's from Youtube

And, look there, Wikipedia’s main page looks a little…odd. (Note to self: always check Wikipedia first — they’re always on the ball.)

Then I saw some of the others:

Thank you for remembering us today. I r happy now.

♥ ♥ ♥

A trip down the RPG memory lane

[Warning: This post contains significant nerdy reminiscing. Proceed with caution.]

A friend of mine, who does some Web work for some Hollywood types, recently found out that she’s going to be attending the next Polaris convention in Toronto, with a full access pass. Funny thing is that she doesn’t really like SF and she’s never been to (or wanted to go to) a science fiction convention. Her husband, on the other hand, would probably kill to go but he gets to stay home to babysit their four-legged children. This is a man who still plays Dungeons and Dragons with his buddies on a regular basis. Part of me feels a bit sad for him. The rest hopes she’ll take me instead. 😉 (Speaking of conventions, I just realized that the 67th World Science Fiction Convention is being held in Montreal this year. Hmm…the World Fantasy Convention is a little more my speed, but I don’t feel like getting a passport and going to California for it this year. Too bad I didn’t know about it last year — Calgary would have been doable and I’d’ve liked to have seen Tad Williams.)

Today, through a Facebook friend, I came across the webcomic “The Order of the Stick” by Rich Burlew, which follows the adventures (in marvelous stick figure form) of a table top RPG group. If you’ve ever played a D&D game, you’ll find it really funny. If not, then you might only find it moderately funny. I can’t believe I’ve never come across it before.  (I guess there *are* uses for Facebook after all.)

The Order of the Stick Continue reading “A trip down the RPG memory lane”

The crafters graveyard

Via Karen’s Wild Coast of Bohemia blog:

Cake Wrecks where all bad cakes go to die (some of those turkey cakes are burned into my retinas)

Craftastrophe “because handmade isn’t always pretty”

In a similar vein, one of my favourite sites was You Knit What?, which was a blog devoted all things horrible in the knitting pattern world. Too bad they abandoned it a couple of years ago, but the archives are still a fun read.

Simon’s Cat

If you have a cat and you haven’t seen these videos yet, watch them. Now. If you have seen them, watch them again. (You know you wanna.) And if you have an account at Youtube, subscribe to his channel.

All three videos are absolutely hilarious, but the latest one (uploaded a month ago but I didn’t notice until tonight) is the one I most empathize with.

Simon’s Cat “TV Dinner” Simon’s Cat “Let Me In” SImon’s Cat “Cat Man Do”

The third video upload apparently coincided with the cartoon’s television premiere on BBC2.

I just realized that his uploads of the videos have had huge numbers of views: the first and second videos have had 4,011,585 and 6,239,691 views (and 6,041 and 10,236 comments) respectively; and the third and latest one has had 2,789,188 views (4,553 comments) just in the month since it was uploaded. And he has 43,542 subscribers so far. Holy cow! I can’t believe that that only rates him #10 Most Subscribed UK and #48 Most Viewed UK and apparently not even top #100 worldwide for either.