Digital cable love/hate relationship

I love digital cable, but it’s a sick, twisted, addicted kind of love that frequently dips deep into the hate pool.

I love timeshifting, but timeshifting and a busted VCR means that I don’t get to sleep until the early hours of the morning, or I sleep in short fits and jerks, in between timeshifted shows I “must” watch.

I love that can use my TV and digital terminal as an alarm clock, but that turns my TV into a giant snooze button, with 1/2 hour pauses instead of 9-minute ones, but the end-result is the same — fitful, broken sleep, full of really vivid dreams but precious little actual rest. (Is that good or bad? The dreams are usually pretty kooky — the one that ended with David Caruso punching P Diddy in the stomach, killing him and starting a riot, was a particularly fun WTF?! romp that I blame partly on Mayo’s Massengill graphic — and almost worth the lack of rest.)

I love that I can buy movies and watch free episodes of favourite TV shows on demand, whenever I’m ready to watch them, but I hate the sneaky cost (sneaky in the sense that it’s easy to forget how many movies you bought because they’re so easy to order and the cost is delayed) and I really hate when trying to view the Rogers On Demand channel (channel 100) completely borks up the digital box. That dunks me reeeeally far down into the dark, deeps of the hate pool mostly because it messes with my ability to use the TV as an alarm clock and it threatens my television addiction. (Again, is that good or bad?)

That happened last night. I accidentally punched in 100 on the remote (force of habit). Rogers On Demand was apparently having troubles so it locked up the digital terminal. Power cycling the terminal and reauthorizing it have failed so far so I could only watch CTV last night and this morning. The fact that I couldn’t access all of the channels I could access before made it that much more important that I have that access again. (Yes, I could have swapped cables around so that I could at least watch regular cable on the TV, but there were principles involved — it’s like losing the remote and spending hours looking for it rather than getting up and changing the channels on the box itself.) So sleep was sacrificed to worrying pointlessly over what the problem was and how to fix it.

I’m thinking that I really need to get rid of cable. To save my sanity.


Hello. My name is Louise

and I have an online shopping addiction. (I have mentioned before that I have an addictive and, yes, bingeing personality in general, right? Why eat one chocolate when you can eat the whole box? Why buy one item when you can empty your bank account?)

Made the mistake of hitting eBay tonight. Whew! Bought some nifty things but really, really, REALLY need to put the Paypal account to bed. For the next several months at least. If you ever learn anything from me, it is to shop around BEFORE you buy anything ‘cos you gotta hate when you make an “all sales final” kind of purchase only to find it on sale somewhere else for less. I’m a bad bargain shopper. Hit a couple of those over the last several weeks, although in fairness, once you figured in taxes, duties, etc., for the cheaper items, most of them turned out to be OK in the end. But there were still a couple…ah, well, you live and learn. Hopefully.

Feels like Sunday (that’s what happens when you take a couple of days off) so imagine my surprise to see Saturday horoscopes on Jonathan Cainer‘s site tonight:

Saturday, 29th December 2007

Your Weekend: ‘Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme chose.’ The more things change, the more they stay the same. Or so they say in France. Here in the rest of the world, things move on! We can’t make them stay the same no matter what we do. This is both a blessing and a curse. You are now keenly conscious of something you would like to change if only you could. But it is changing! It is just not changing in the way you think it ought to change. If you are going to resolve to do anything for New Year, resolve to let more time pass. 

Your Week Ahead: H G Wells remains one of the greatest writers of all time. In his day, though, he was derided for suggesting that one day, people would visit the Moon. With a great combination of irony and poetic justice, his famous fiction became the inspiration for millions of twentieth century schoolchildren. Some of these boys and girls grew up to be scientists. They took his dream and made it their dream. Then they helped to make it come true. That’s what the power of imagination can achieve. As you prepare to enter 2008, you have a special vision. It is not invalid or irrelevant. It’s just slightly ahead of its time But that time is coming. Soon.