I feel I should apologize

I asked for snow. Wanted it so badly back in late June that the Universe tried it’s best to manifest it for me.

Unfortunately, it’s tough for even the Powers That Be to create snow in July here in the Northern Hemisphere. But it precipitated. Boy howdy, did it ever. So, it wasn’t snow. Meh. It also wasn’t humid, grotesque summer grossness.  That’s a WIN in my book, even more so because I really like thunder storms. Cold and wet instead of hot and sticky = fun times.

So, mia culpa. I really should apologize to those of you unhappy at the record-breaking rain, but I just can’t lie to you — it’s been my kind of Ottawa July, and I hope August brings more of the same.


You never learn anything good on Facebook

I have a profile on Facebook, not because I want one but because I needed it to see something that someone wanted me to see on their profile. Long story. So, I don’t hang out there. I don’t actively seek out people I know to add them as friends. If someone I know finds me, great. (Well, actually, it’s kind of annoying, because it forces me back to Facebook but it isn’t annoying enough for me to not go back, if you get my point.)

Anyway, I got a friend request from a name that seemed familiar the other day. Couldn’t place it until tonight — I still can’t picture her but I remember where I know her from, and I remember the name. So I accepted the request. Then I thought I’d check on a couple of other people I know. That was a bad move. My ex has a very common name, like John Smith, so I never expect to find anything related to him specifically if I Google him. (I’ve Googled just about everyone I know at some point.) Imagine my surprise tonight when I found him on Facebook, of all places — what I can see of his profile isn’t very helpful but the names of the friends in his list tells me all I need to know. His step-mom is there, so are several of the friends he hung out with when I was with him, friends I missed terribly when we split up. (They were his friends so he got custody of them in the split. LOL)

I apparently wasn’t shell-shocked enough by that so I went searching for old colleagues. So many of them are there. It’s like browsing Wikipedia — you start off looking at one thing but get led down the garden path until you’re far, far from home.

I’m absolutely horrified. You can’t unlearn what you’ve learned.