When the wind blows

she really blows.

It was building up all night. Now (6:30 am), it’s gusting to 69 km/h, wind chill -13 (which is a huge drop from the zero-ish it was hovering around all day yesterday).

Holy cow, it sounds spooky. And there’s a mighty mean draft coming in around my windows. Brrrr!

Kind of funny — it was high wind speeds (up to 80km/h) that caused the problems that caused the traffic jams that NiK was in last night in Vancouver. Same direction, even. The winds here on Sunday caused power outages and all sorts of problems here. Hope this doesn’t exacerbate those problems.



Ottawa Citizen: Weather watchers warn of ‘snow-mageddon’

In its usual “measured, scientific manner,” the agency said: “Mother Nature from time to time will line up a near perfect set of conditions that generate a series of significant events. That time appears to be the coming week or so for many portions of southern Ontario in the form of snow storms.”

Some 10 centimetres of snow fell Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and storms Friday and Sunday could bring an additional fall totalling about 40 centimetres, accompanied by plunging temperatures and high winds.

There’s no real weather warning issued for Ottawa yet. And only watches for Southern Ontario. We’ll see whether anything much develops up here — last year, we got so many storm watches and warnings, and few of them turned out to be much of anything at all.

It’s been a snowy December so far. It beats cold — when it isn’t snowing, the temperature drops considerably so I’d rather have snow. Mind you, I don’t have a car or a walkway/driveway to shovel.