Seas of BlackBerries and pashminas

Flew to Toronto last Thursday for the Hay House “I Can Do It” Conference, which was chock full of New Age, self-help goodness. It was less about the actual conference and more about meeting up with my friend Nik — we haven’t seen each other in 13 years so this was our excuse.

The flight with Porter was abso-freakin’-lutely awesome. My gate was the one nearest to the security area. I killed time waiting for the flight by watching some  Apprentice and NCIS on my netbook. The waiting area at the gate was full of dark-suited businessmen tapping away on their BlackBerries in unison. It was really quite eerie, in a “Children of the Corn” kind of way. I got my two seats without the hoop-jumping that Air Canada and Westjet make you go through, the crew was super nice, we got free snacks. I love the size of the plane — better view out the windows.


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Little bit of a disappointment

Was listening to the James Ray teleconference on Skype and Skype decided to crap out after about an hour. Do you think I could get any of the webcasts to work at that point? No, of course not. *sigh*

It was an OK conference call. They opened up the mics at the beginning and had everyone (no, not me) yell their names and locations. Not enjoyable to have hundreds of people screaming in your ears. There was a freaky depth to the call bridge, making it seem like you were actually in the same room with all of the people — some people sounded like they were on the other side of the room and others sounded like they were sitting right beside you.

It’s an interesting concept, much like Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention stuff. Bit annoying that part of the conference call entailed them urging people to buy large numbers of Harmonic Wealth to give to their friends and families. Do individual people really buy 100 books to give away to their families and friends? Or is it just businesses that do that?


As an aside, for crying out loud. American Idol had two freakin’ hours to air its poxy little finale — did it really need to go several minutes over into the CSI: New York fifth season finale? No, I don’t think so. Thank God David Archuleta didn’t win. That’s all I can say.

Catching up

Went out with a good friend on Friday for lunch and a visit to the bookstore. Bought a couple of Wayne Dyer books that seemed to really catch my attention when I thumbed through them. Opened one of them when I got home, to the Addictions chapter. Hmmm.

Have been puttering most of the week. Got next to nothing done that I’d planned to get done but the severe mood swings seem to have died down. Must have been heavily fuelled by the hormones.  Feeling quite upbeat now, though I keep getting these short little crying jags whenever I see or hear anything remotely emotional.

After years of watching my hair get progressively whiter, I finally got my hair coloured today, back to my natural brown (well, actually a slightly more auburny shade of my old dark brown). And I got a semi-spikey haircut. We’ll see how well I can manage to keep it up but it looks cute now. Just need to work on the rest of me. LOL

My parents have bought me a guitar, partly as a very early birthday present. I pick it up on my way home from work on Tuesday. I’m very excited about that. I expect 2007 to have a lot of ups and downs but I think it’s starting off on a pretty good emotional note.