I *am* sorry

Well, mostly.

Yes, I’m the one who ordered the snow and cold. My first order, for April,  ended up in Halifax by mistake so I had to reorder. And  you know how delivery estimates go — this was supposed to be here for my birthday but it got held up at the border. And they never sent the amount they were supposed to…you know how it is.


I feel I should apologize

I asked for snow. Wanted it so badly back in late June that the Universe tried it’s best to manifest it for me.

Unfortunately, it’s tough for even the Powers That Be to create snow in July here in the Northern Hemisphere. But it precipitated. Boy howdy, did it ever. So, it wasn’t snow. Meh. It also wasn’t humid, grotesque summer grossness.  That’s a WIN in my book, even more so because I really like thunder storms. Cold and wet instead of hot and sticky = fun times.

So, mia culpa. I really should apologize to those of you unhappy at the record-breaking rain, but I just can’t lie to you — it’s been my kind of Ottawa July, and I hope August brings more of the same.

Strike vote day

Ottawa snow storm, January 7, 2009
Snow storm and empty Transitway

Day 30. Vote day.

Wonder if the turnout will be affected by all the snow that fell yesterday (15 cm, plus another 10 cm expected by rush hour this morning).

Cue the thriller music. Duhn duhn DUUUHN. What will happen? Will the city be rescued in time? Or is Superman stuck in traffic?

There’s a Citymark page for the strike that pulls relevant information from various social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Youtube, and photo repositories like Flickr.

Latest news articles (there aren’t many since there really isn’t much to write about that hasn’t already been written until after the voting today)

Other interesting sites:


Ottawa Citizen: Weather watchers warn of ‘snow-mageddon’

In its usual “measured, scientific manner,” the agency said: “Mother Nature from time to time will line up a near perfect set of conditions that generate a series of significant events. That time appears to be the coming week or so for many portions of southern Ontario in the form of snow storms.”

Some 10 centimetres of snow fell Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and storms Friday and Sunday could bring an additional fall totalling about 40 centimetres, accompanied by plunging temperatures and high winds.

There’s no real weather warning issued for Ottawa yet. And only watches for Southern Ontario. We’ll see whether anything much develops up here — last year, we got so many storm watches and warnings, and few of them turned out to be much of anything at all.

It’s been a snowy December so far. It beats cold — when it isn’t snowing, the temperature drops considerably so I’d rather have snow. Mind you, I don’t have a car or a walkway/driveway to shovel.