Simon’s Cat “Snow Business” part 1

I’m successfully avoiding doing anything really useful, including finishing some of my draft posts, so I thought I’d continue the trend by pointing out that Simon Tofield has brought us a new animation in his Simon’s Cat series:

Too bad it’s only part one. Here’s also an interview with Simon, giving some background information on the videos:

His book of Simon’s Cat cartoons is available now (which reminds me that I need to put the Simon’s Cat t-shirt I bought earlier in the year in the parcel I’m sending to my parents). I’d been thinking it was essentially rehashing stuff we’d already seen (think I’ve seen too many blogs and other sites that create calendars and books just repackaging the best of their previous content), but it’s actually new cartoons.


New Simon’s Cat video

I’ve been waffling back and forth about whether to post about the new video, which Simon uploaded a few days ago.

On the one hand, I like Simon. I like his videos and appreciate his dedication to the RSPCA and animal welfare. And I adore Simon’s Cat, in all his self-centered glory. But on the other hand, “Simon’s Sister’s Dog” falls flat for me:

1. It isn’t Simon’s Cat. We love the cat. The cat is why the videos have such a huge following. A dog really just doesn’t quite cut it.

2. The Simon’s Cat videos are funny. A bit dark sometimes but really funny. “Simon’s Sister’s Dog”  isn’t. And I doubt it was meant to be, given the subject.

3. “Simon’s Sister’s Dog” is preachy, something the Simon’s Cat videos never are. When people are jonesing for a another entertaining slice of Simon’s cat owner life, a visual slap on the wrist about overfeeding your dog isn’t quite what they were looking for. I appreciate the message but not the delivery.

The comments on the Youtube page are mostly positive, but after three days, the video has only had 120,643 views. Had it been a new cat video, I guarantee you that number would be a whole lot higher. I don’t see this one reaching the multi-million views that the other videos have.

Simon’s Cat

If you have a cat and you haven’t seen these videos yet, watch them. Now. If you have seen them, watch them again. (You know you wanna.) And if you have an account at Youtube, subscribe to his channel.

All three videos are absolutely hilarious, but the latest one (uploaded a month ago but I didn’t notice until tonight) is the one I most empathize with.

Simon’s Cat “TV Dinner” Simon’s Cat “Let Me In” SImon’s Cat “Cat Man Do”

The third video upload apparently coincided with the cartoon’s television premiere on BBC2.

I just realized that his uploads of the videos have had huge numbers of views: the first and second videos have had 4,011,585 and 6,239,691 views (and 6,041 and 10,236 comments) respectively; and the third and latest one has had 2,789,188 views (4,553 comments) just in the month since it was uploaded. And he has 43,542 subscribers so far. Holy cow! I can’t believe that that only rates him #10 Most Subscribed UK and #48 Most Viewed UK and apparently not even top #100 worldwide for either.