Mad World

I usually stop watching American Idol when the auditions are done. I find the early weeks of the actual competition dull. Sometimes I start watching again when it’s down to the top 10 or so, if someone I liked in the auditions is still in the game. XUP’s mention of Adam Lambert singing “Mad World” on the April 7th show resparked my interest. (He’s been one of my faves since he auditioned with Bohemian Rhapsody — and parts of the snippet of Cher’s “Believe” that he sung during the Hollywood auditions were just chilling.) 

Mad World” one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s not a happyhappy song in the first place, but Adam’s performance of it — both live and in the full studio version — is incredibly sad, more haunting, for some reason, than even the Gary Jules‘ cover, on which Adam’s was based. Very much the kind of music you listen to when it’s rainy or foggy or you’re in “one of those moods”.

Even though you probably shouldn’t. Continue reading “Mad World”


Well, there’s another Idol I won’t watch

Watched American Idol tonight as they picked the final 32.

I’m ever hopeful that I’ll be excited by a season of the show again, but the last time I watched with any interest was Season 4. (Go Constantine Maroulis!) This season looks to be shaping up to be more of a farce than usual. Keeping Nick/Norman (not just keeping but strongly encouraging him to stay in his alter ego), the Most Incredibly Annoying Woman on the Planet (otherwise known as Tatiana Del Toro), and the headband-addicted cryer (aka Nathaniel Marshall) while letting more talented singers go says everything about what the coming season has in store.

If watching a train wreck is your kind of entertainment, then you’ll no doubt be glued to your TVs. Me? I’ll be giving it a miss again this year — I’ve lost enough hours of my life to the auditions. There are a few singers I’d like to see again but not enough to weather the Annoying Three to see them. Tell me when all three are gone and maybe I’ll look in. 😉

Little bit of a disappointment

Was listening to the James Ray teleconference on Skype and Skype decided to crap out after about an hour. Do you think I could get any of the webcasts to work at that point? No, of course not. *sigh*

It was an OK conference call. They opened up the mics at the beginning and had everyone (no, not me) yell their names and locations. Not enjoyable to have hundreds of people screaming in your ears. There was a freaky depth to the call bridge, making it seem like you were actually in the same room with all of the people — some people sounded like they were on the other side of the room and others sounded like they were sitting right beside you.

It’s an interesting concept, much like Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention stuff. Bit annoying that part of the conference call entailed them urging people to buy large numbers of Harmonic Wealth to give to their friends and families. Do individual people really buy 100 books to give away to their families and friends? Or is it just businesses that do that?


As an aside, for crying out loud. American Idol had two freakin’ hours to air its poxy little finale — did it really need to go several minutes over into the CSI: New York fifth season finale? No, I don’t think so. Thank God David Archuleta didn’t win. That’s all I can say.