Beware of Googling yourself

Come on, you know you all do it.

Remember that community that I left a few months ago? Turns out someone created a celebratory blog a couple of days after I left. “Celebratory” as in celebrating my leaving and urging me to stay away. It’s right up there with the forum threads dedicated to how big of a bitch I am.

Can you feel the love? 😉

Kind of makes me want to return, just to screw with them, whoever they are.


4 thoughts on “Beware of Googling yourself

  1. That is appallingly and unbelievably horrible and juvenile of them. Rudeness has reached an all new level with the advent of all this technology. People think they can do and say anything at all under the protective cover of the internet. You should get them charged with a hate crime or something. It’s mind-boggling; it really is. Outrageous even.

    1. It certainly put a little grey pallor on my day. (It’s so NOT how you want to start your day.) Then I realized I probably knew who was behind it, and that cheered me up a bit because, well, he’s always been a dick and it was probably the least dickish thing he and his cronies have ever done to me (which should tell you some of the crap I’ve gotten). I was tempted to post a couple of “Oh, wow, that’s awesome. I love you, too.” comments on the blog, just to mess with his head. LOL

      Thanks for the reminder — I’d meant to drop a line to their blog provider about it really violating their TOS.

  2. You know, putting some non-confrontational comments there would probably be a good idea!

    And yes – a grey pallor is right 🙂

    Unfortunately there are too many out there that get their kick out of trying to belittle others ………..

    Best regards…………

  3. I know it seems like it would, but it would actually be like fanning the embers. Been there, done that, got the scorch marks to prove it. 😉

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