The day before The Day

So, day 29 of the strike dawns. (Well, not dawns in the technical sense — it’s only 1:45am — but you know what I mean.)

Some new news items for your consideration, as we wait for the strike vote tomorrow:

Metro: Transit options considered

In a special meeting to discuss the strike, city council voted to examine a variety of transportation strategies, including vehicular traffic on the Transitway, enhancing taxi service and creating parking incentives for carpoolers.

Funny, I was just thinking how nice and quiet it is here without the buses continually going up and down the Transitway. I’d hate to see it opened up for regular traffic, though we might as do something with it if the buses aren’t going to be using it. Maybe open it up fully to pedestrian/bicycle traffic. (Right now, you can only walk on certain sections of it.)

Metro: Public support in favour of city

Close to 70 per cent of Ottawa residents feel the issues in the transit strike are important enough that they would rather put up with the strike for another month than see the city back down, according to a recently conducted Harris/Decima survey.

Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

It’ll be interesting to see the statistics on the vote after tomorrow: how many actually voted and what the percentages end up being. Both sides are so sure things will go their way, but I suspect many union members are still undecided.

(By the way, a three-card reading done on Tuesday says that the vote will be a “Yes”. You heard it here first. LOL)