Celebrity Big Brother begins again

The latest series (Celebrity Big Brother 6) begins airing tonight.

I watched most of the episodes of Celebrity Big Brother 5 (2007) when it aired. It was so bad it was brilliant. I didn’t watch the last episodes because, frankly, it was apparent from the beginning of the controversy who was going to win and why so there was no point watching. That pretty much killed my interest in the future of the series. And it’s always the same D List celebrities who appear on these types of shows: has-been musicians, reality show celebrities, rehab rejects, freaks, Traci Bingham, Verne Troyer, Brigitte Nielsen, some member of the Jackson family… It’s like a train wreck. Is that why we watch?

If you watch the Extras Christmas special from last year, where Ricky Gervais (as Andy Milman) ends up in the Celebrity Big Brother house, you’ll never watch Celebrity Big Brother the same way again.

You can view the entire episode on Youtube (the version tweaked for the US market, apparently.)


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