Late night offer under consideration

Ottawa Citizen: Transit union to give decision today on late-night proposal from council

Union leaders are meeting Saturday morning to consider Ottawa city council’s latest proposal to end the transit strike and are scheduled to announce their decision by early afternoon. […]

Early Saturday morning, council unanimously approved a motion stating the city will enter binding arbitration — on three conditions. Council said they will enter the process if the union agrees that all issues, including scheduling, are part of it; that any final agreement addresses federal safety rules for drivers on hours of work and rest; and that the price tag of any agreement doesn’t exceed the overall amount represented in the city’s last offer, which was rejected by union members nine days ago.

Much as I hate the idea of showing weakness, too many people are being adversely affected by this strike. How people have lost their jobs because they couldn’t get to work without the bus? How many businesses are threatened due to revenue losses?

The news came to me initially through the Ottawa Citizen’s Facebook group, OC Transpo Strike Survivor, which also has an ongoing discussion about ways you can tell if you’re a bus strike survivor (they’re up to #60 now).

Edited to add later on in afternoon: Ah well, it was a short-lived hope. Should be no surprise that the union ultimately rejected the proposal. *sigh*


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