Star Wars, the drama continues

I’ve blogged before about Corey Vidal’s viral lipsyncing video to Moosebutter‘s Star Wars song. And I’ve blogged about Moosebutter’s own version of the video, with themselves singing the various parts live on the video.

As I posted in a comment on that last post, somewhere around mid-January (January 18-ish), Warner Brothers Music had both videos yanked from Youtube and Corey’s account was suspended. Looks like Corey’s Youtube account was reinstated about 7 days ago ( judging by when the video comments resumed) and the Moosebutter version is available again. Corey’s original video, though, is gone (with it’s millions of views) but another copy of it is available elsewhere:

He  uploaded a short video yesterday on the subject of the still AWOL video, Warner Brothers, and Youtube:

Yesterday, his story was the subject of a CNET News article, YouTube users caught in Warner Music spat, which offers some interesting background information on the situation. I’m extremely disappointed that the article gives the impression that the still-missing video is all Corey’s work, further confusing the already ignorant masses who think Corey performed the song.

Other related videos (from Andy McGaffigan back in November 7/8, 2008):

The last one is interesting for the comments Andy McGaffigan makes about a conversation he had with Corey Vidal in which Corey allegedly said that him not giving credit originally was all part of a cunning plot between him and moosebutter to make the video go viral.

And finally, a Christmas one for Barbary Coast, featuring a song by Mister Tim of Moosebutter and another 4-way video by Corey Vidal:


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