Early Christmas

Thanks to Canada Post’s policy of making Sunday parcel deliveries during Christmas, I received a package from my mom and dad today that is more “university student care package” than “Christmas present”. Homemade fudge (I would happily give up every other gift I’d ever get this year for my mother’s chocolate fudge) and molasses ginger cookies, Lay’s Roast Chicken chips (a Maritime favourite that you can only buy up here maybe once or twice a year, if that), Swiss Knight gruyere cheese (which has been included in my Christmas stocking every year since I was about 7 or 8), Quality Street chocolates, Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup, Hamburger Helper, and a slew of other items. It was a large box.

The fudge is already gone. (Sorry, Mom.)

Funny that two of the most welcome items in the box were things that would have really disappointed me as a young adult: Advil Liquigels and Reactine. Pain killers and antihistamines. Perfect. And such a huge sign that I really am getting old. 😉