The Me Project: Day 44

Have been sick for the last week or so. Not sure what’s going on. Flu? Cold? Allergies gone wild? Insides aren’t happy — don’t know if it is the change of food from takeout to groceries or what. Head is congested and I now have a splitting sinus headache. Alternating between insomnia and narcolepsy again. Thought I’d have been more productive during the holidays, but really accomplished very little that didn’t involve sitting in front of my computer. Which is to say that I accomplished some things, but they weren’t the things I was planning to accomplish. Tu comprends?

I ended up having to trim my finger nails the other day — the cleaning that I did on the 23rd softened the nails so much that they never completely recovered and it was trim them or bite them. Now it’s a fight not to start biting them again. I’m having trouble not biting the skin around them, which is not helping. That’s stress, that is. But a bad way of coping.

Talked to NiK tonight — she was stuck in an intense Vancouver traffic snarl and thought of me. Aw. Unfortunately, her cell phone died in mid-conversation so she probably had to spend the remaining couple of hours with only her stereo for company. Don’t remember what I was in the middle of saying when it cut out — couldn’t have been too important. I miss her. She’s always a bright spot to my day and our conversations are never long enough. I got to bitch commiserate about Scorpios (no, not anyone who might happen to be reading this) in our lives, which was very helpful. LOL

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Bus strike (and winter?) continues

And day 20 of the strike begins.

Wonder what’s in the cards for today?

The talks from before Christmas broke down on Christmas Eve, with the city changing their offer:

The City’s offer includes economic increases of 3.25, 2 and 2 per cent over the next three years, as well as significant improvements to sick leave – including two additional days, WSIB pay and benefit plans. It also provided a new revamped scheduling system that addressed the union’s earlier concerns and includes a $2500 productivity bonus.

When that was rejected, the city asked the Labour Minister to force the union to take it to their membership to vote, instead of just rejecting it outright.

Ottawa Citizen, December 24, 2008: Ambrose reviews options after city seeks forced vote on transit offer

Yesterday was a weird day, weather-wise. I was stiflingly warm in my apartment during the day — it was hovering around 9 or 10 degrees outside until early afternoon. Made it hard to sleep (my sleep pattern has gotten completely turned around over the last week or so, leaving me unable to sleep at night.) It was so foggy that I couldn’t see past my balcony. Then the winds started up and it dropped 5 or 6 degrees. In the winter, the wind usually gusts against my windows; in the summer, little breeze can be found at all. Sunday it sounded like the windows were going to blow in. The door downstairs, which is on the same side of the building, was apparently really hard to open — and almost as hard to close again. Looked pretty messy outside. Felt bad for the Boston Pizza delivery guy (for all of them, actually) — it was an unpleasant evening for driving.