Struggling with NaBloPoMo

Writing a post every day is difficult. I’ve written 34 posts so far this month (including this one) — more than the 31 posts promised but I’ll have failed at the task if I don’t manage to keep up the posting each and every day for the rest of the month. There’s a pressure to having to come up with something worth writing about every day. Sometimes I can postdate a post or two, if I’ve already gone on at length about something else that day, but sometimes the posts are time-sensitive and waiting a day or two to post makes it all rather pointless.

On the plus side, it’s making me pay more attention to this blog. I should end the year with over 12,000 views total, over half that just in the last three months. (Most posts only get a couple views, but a several have gotten hundreds.) Which should tell you that blogging regularly really does help. So does tagging your posts properly.


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